Flushable Cat Litter

Anyone who has used flushable cat litter can attest to its convenience over regular clay or scoopable cat litter. What could be easier than dropping kittys’ leavings in the nearest toilet and flushing it away?

With the popularity of Flushable cat litter on the rise the market has boomed with different types, styles, and brands. It’s easy to become lost in all the varieties and who has money to waste on finding one that your kitty will approve of?
We’ve compiled a list of the top flushable cat litter brands with as much information as possible about each allowing pet owners to make an informed and appropriate decision about which is best for them.

  • Ultra Pet Better Way Flushable Cat Litter. The name may be quite a mouthful but Better Way produces a unique type of cat litter. The clay grains are small and fine like sand and soft on cat’s paws. Better Way also contains a natural cat attractant called Sanel which creates an aroma that only the cats can smell that reminds them of being outdoors. Some cons to cat litter is that the fineness of the grains makes them easier to track through the house and also kick up a lot of dust. Generally, it is agreed that Better Way controls smells excellently.
  • World’s Best Cat best Flushable Cat Litter brands World's Best Cat LitterLitter. What makes World’s Best different from other litters is what it’s made out of: natural, non-toxic, ground corn husks. First time users are usually shocked by how light weight it is and while the aroma (of corn) is unique, it isn’t strong and is easy to adapt to. Some cats, and other animals if you have them, have been caught eating this litter. World’s Best can be costly. Many avid users claim the price is worth it since this product lasts longer than other litters – little goes to waste. World’s Best also has superb clumping abilities. Also, the corn is excellent at absorbing moisture which reduces the amount of bacteria, the main cause of litter box odor, left behind.
  • Swheat Scoop. World’s Best is made frombuy flushable cat litter online Swheat Scoop ground corn.Swheat Scoop , like the name implies, is made from ground wheat. The largest benefit to Swheat Scoop is its guarantee of no odor from urine or feces. Period. This all-natural, toxin free cat litter is also lightweight and considerably cheaper when compared to World’s Best. The greatest drawback of Swheat Scoop is that it doesn’t clump as well as other cat litters and needs to be scooped frequently so that the litter doesn’t turn into a soggy paste. Coating your cat’s litter pan with a shot of Pam or other kitchen spray will keep Swheat Scoop from sticking to the sides of the box. Swheat Scoop also offers a reward program: Buy 12 boxes and get a box free.
  • Cat’s Pride Flushable. Many cats prefer  because the litter itself more closely resembles regular cat litter than any of the others. The similar look and feel will definitely make the transition less stressful for finicky kitties. Cat’s Pride is also one of the cheapest flushable litters on the market. Cat’s Pride clumps have a tendency to break apart easily and this particular litter isn’t as good at covering up smells as others. Cat’s Pride has also been accused of being incredibly dusty and easy to track around the house.

Flushable cat litter offer a convenience that no other methods of handling cat waste can match. When transitioning between litters it is always a good idea to mix the old with the new, decreasing the amount of the old litter until it is no longer used. Giving your felines plenty of time to adapt to the change will greatly improve your success with these flushable litters.

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