Green Tea Cat Litter

Green tea Cat litter day by day became more famous. Everybody See when shopping cat litter but you don’t know about Green tea cat litter .İn this article I will tell you

  • how they made green tea cat litter?
  • is it harmful to our cats?
  • Can I Flush Green Tea Cat litter ?
  • is it harmful to environment?

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How They Made Green Tea Cat Litter?

Green tea has lots of benefits to the human body but we use green tea for our cats. it’s healthier than other cat litters because of natural materials using in the litter.They made by green tea leaves and Recycled wood. This natural component Helps us

Why Green tea?

  • Because its Green natural and safe to use
  • have antibacterial protection
  • İf is it tofu form strong water absorption
  • dustless
  • Protects the environment

Is It Harmful To Our Cats?

green tea litters made by natural and have antibacterial protection it helps to keep out our cats from bacteria .it means its safe to use for our cats


 Can I Flush Green Tea Litter?

Green tea litters made natural and recycled components. These elements biodegradable and keeps natural life safe. If You want to flush the litter be careful when you are doing this

.Yes you can flush green tea cat litter but you can block your toilet by litter.B e careful when you are doing this and flush 2,3 times after pour litter. If its stuck and after while water vapored the litter becomes like a rock. İts Too hard to pull out.

green tea cat litter flushable

Is It Harmful To Environment?

No one answer this question because they are all made of natural materials and they look like biodegradable. You, Cant, Find any scientific research but some of the ideas you can answer is it harmful or not?

1. Firstly for your water pipes, it can be a problem. When you throw litter if your pipe small it will be stuck and when litter dries it becomes like a rock. Check your toilet pipes is it enough to throw
2. Secondly for environmental damage. Some of the people say flushing cat litter spread bacteria of cat And it cause water pollution. But think that we also throw bleach and other chemicals to water it gives more damage than cat litter.

Write as comment What do you think About İs it harmful or not?

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