Whats Inside Flushable Cat Litter?


Most pet owners want an easy solution for cat litter and everyone have lots of question. I want to explain everything with flushable cat litter because day by day flushable cat litters getting popular and we don’t know whats inside flushable cat litter?

Whats The Flushable cat litter?

normally lots of brands are made for picking them from the litter box and throw to garbage but sometimes it’s getting hard to throw outside and the smell of feces makes harder cleaning litter box. Brands come with new solution flushable cat litter. You can easily pick feces from the litter box and throw them fastly to the toilet.

Lots of people choice is flushable cat litter but it’s coming with lots of question .is it harmful to the environment?

Is It Harmful To Environment?

No one answer this question because they are all made of natural materials and they look like biodegradable. You, Cant, Find any scientific research but some of the ideas you can answer is it harmful or not?

1. Firstly for your water pipes, it can be a problem. When you throw litter if your pipe small it will be stuck and when litter dries it becomes like a rock. Check your toilet pipes is it enough to throw
2. Secondly for environmental damage. Some of the people say flushing cat litter spread bacteria of cat And it cause water pollution. But think that we also throw bleach and other chemicals to water it gives more damage than cat litter.

Write as comment What do you think About İs it harmful or not?

What’s Inside Flushable Cat Litter?

most of the questions coming from whats flushable cat litter made? what’s inside? We have lots of brands to select flushable cat litter And I can’t find anything about to what they are made. Finally, I find companies who manufacturing flushable cat litter.

Flushable Cat Litter Components changing brand by brand but most of them use same materials


  • 1. Clay (natural )
    2.Bentonite ( Naturel )
    4.Tofu powder, corn starch, Green tea powder

These materials are natural and safe to use but think again environment is more important than easy solutions for throwing cat litter. Chose your environment and to me, tofu, corn, green tea powder is made from no more usable vegetable .its more natural to use.

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